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Groundhog Game is a self-guided first person discovery challenge. The objective is to set everything in the world (set in the player's apartment) back in its correct orientation. You cannot leave your apartment unless enough objects are fixed.

It may seem mysterious as to why the player must do these tasks, but if successful, it is revealed that this Groundhog Day-like time loop of obsessive ritual to fix everything in the apartment is a daily frustration to those suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

The light-hearted approach with a groundhog lead character, and Bill Murray references is a hook to keep the player engaged and curious as to why one would take part in these challenges. The idea is empathy - to create and simulate hands on, what life with OCD can be like. Beyond a PSA, Groundhog Game is a Public Service Experience for awareness and a great cause.

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Published1 year ago
Tags3D, FPS, groundhog, puzzle, unity3d


Groundhog Game (Mac) 0.2.app.zip (41 MB)

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